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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Share the Love

Valentine's Day isn't just about smooching and eating loads of extra calories. Sometimes it's just about generally sharing the love.

Heather, the Blogger formerly known as Pieces of Cheese, has launched a beautiful new site, One Woman's World, and is having a sort of inaugural awards competition.

She is looking for nominations of female bloggers in the following categories:

1. Best Humor
2. Makes Me Want To Have Kids - This one is baffling people. I guess I mean the most Optimistic Mother. The kind that encourages other people to feel great about being moms!
3. Happiest Blog
4. Best Writing
5. Best Site Design
6. Most Inspiring
7. Most Meetable, In Real Life
8. Most Thought-Provoking
9. Best Discussion
10.Learn Something New Every Day
11. Best Commenter

They're called "Share the Love" Awards and I think nominating a special blogger in your life is a great way to show you care and to let the rest of us know about cool new blogs. Take a minute and send some nomination love Heather's way. The nominations are open until Valentine's Day. Have fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been to that site and I think it's terrific. And I think you and Heather are pretty terrific, too!

2/09/2006 7:08 PM

Anonymous Mom said...

BTW why do I type in my name as Mom and come up as anonymous some of the time? I'm so confused.

2/09/2006 7:09 PM

Blogger mom on a wire said...

I agree with Anonymous Mom!

2/09/2006 8:35 PM

Anonymous Caryn said...

It's so nice to have an award for the less famous bloggers out there. Now we won't have the same old professional bloggers winning awards, but real people who are also funny, smart, interesting and, as I mentioned, real.

2/09/2006 10:12 PM

Blogger Katy said...

Yes, Caryn! Real! We vote for real! Heather is a fun girl.
Katy Raymond www.fallible.com

2/10/2006 5:56 AM

Anonymous Heather said...

Thanks for the link, man! :)

2/10/2006 12:11 PM

Blogger kfk said...

I've just spent way too much time reading your blog. I couldn't help myself; you are pretty darn funny. I've added you to my links so I can keep up with your stories. Thanks for sharing. For fewer laughs, you can check out my brand new blog.

2/10/2006 1:28 PM


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