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Friday, June 23, 2006

Good News

We have more cupboards than I remembered from our original viewing of the house. I just spent almost 5 hours putting shelf paper down in the kitchen.

Dog food and spaghetti sauce spills in the cupboards. Yick!

On a sadder note, we may all be kicking the bucket at any moment.

I was talking to Laylee about how, starting this weekend, we will live in the new house forever. She replied, "Except we all get to die sometime."

Me: Yep, but then we can get resurrected.
Laylee: YEAH! And then our bodies and our spirits will get STUCK together.
Me: That's pretty special.
Laylee: Yeah, cause we need our bodies to dance... and clap our hands... and eat food. When we die, all the food goes out of us but then when we get all stuck together again the food goes BACK in our bodies.

I was thinking of asking her to explain what exactly happens physiologically when all the stuckage occurs but by the time I got around to asking, she had moved on to a discussion of how exciting it was that the clouds were moving in the same direction as our car. "Aren't we so LUCKY!?"

She got a little lucky herself this afternoon, holding hands with a boy for the first time.



Blogger Tess said...

it's the daring young boyfriend!

6/23/2006 5:58 AM

Blogger Hotwire said...

her quote, "Yeah, cause we need our bodies to dance... and clap our hands" is super. this is the best melding of theology and physiology that i've ver heard!

6/23/2006 6:31 AM

Blogger Kristen said...


6/23/2006 6:40 AM

Blogger Nettie said...

That is so sweet! So, do the extra cupboards come with extra counter space? Can we see?

6/23/2006 7:01 AM

Anonymous shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

That was precious...oh, to have the mind of a child!

6/23/2006 7:15 AM

Blogger Odd Mix said...

What a sweet photo. And I LOVE theological discussions with little kids.

6/23/2006 7:23 AM

Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

Kids are so wise sometimes- where does it all go when we get older? Love Laylee's hat!

6/23/2006 7:43 AM

Blogger Lynn said...

That is such a sweet picture!

6/23/2006 7:45 AM

Blogger jessica said...

Laylee is too cute! And good luck with the post-move, getting settled part. It's tough, but so worth it.

6/23/2006 8:16 AM

Blogger Susan said...

I like hearing the afterlife described as "stuckage."

6/23/2006 8:40 AM

Blogger BoringTales said...

You never need to convince a kid there is a god do ya? Great post. Cute picture.

6/23/2006 8:47 AM

Blogger ABC Momma said...

Yes, but when you're all stuck back together, will the house still be there to live in?

Can you give us a virtual tour of the new house?

6/23/2006 9:46 AM

Blogger Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

LOL at Laylee "getting lucky." How adorable.

When I'm stuck back together, this will be my new house.

6/23/2006 9:52 AM

Blogger Antique Mommy said...

So so sweet. That we could all be like little children.

6/23/2006 9:55 AM

Blogger Jodi Jean said...

dym, congrats on the move, maybe someday the rest of us will be able to afford to move out of an apartment.

laylee cracks me up, i love it when you write your conversations, although today put an interesting mental image in my head when she said

"when we die, all the food goes out of us but then when we get all stuck together again the food goes BACK in our bodies."

how does it go back in our bodies? quandry.

6/23/2006 10:00 AM

Blogger aquamarine said...

Kids never fail to get thing do they? Very cute, picture too!

6/23/2006 10:09 AM

Blogger The Daring One said...

Too funny, Naddin J. That's the EXACT floorplan we got. Now I don't even need to show pictures.

6/23/2006 10:12 AM

Blogger Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Oh, come on... I really want to see your 6 car garage and the way you decorate Suite #12.

6/23/2006 10:35 AM

Anonymous JD said...

AWWW fun new places and new boy toys!!

You are this week's Flip up Winner.

6/23/2006 11:04 AM

Blogger Mommy off the Record said...

Congrats on your move! And on the cupboard space!

6/23/2006 11:08 AM

Blogger Stephanie said...

Laylee is funny! Pretty please show us picts of your new digs!!!!

6/23/2006 3:38 PM

Blogger Nantie Meg said...

Who is this daring young boyfriend, and what exacly are his intentions towar my little niece?

In other news, yay for shelf paper!!

6/23/2006 4:37 PM

Anonymous Sketchy said...

Personally I liked the "We all GET to die sometime." Isn't that just so sweet?

6/23/2006 5:13 PM

Blogger Lei said...

Lol and what a cute picture!!!

6/23/2006 9:23 PM

Blogger Ginger said...

I'd ask for details about that theology, but I realized it's probably Layleeology. ;)

6/23/2006 9:54 PM

Blogger sarah said...

Yay for lots of cupboards! My little kitchen and I are trying not to be jealous.
"Kicking the bucket" reminds me of my Grandpa. He liked to say "I hope I have my boots on when I die, so I don't hurt my toes when I kick the bucket."

6/23/2006 10:29 PM

Blogger momofalltrades said...

So glad you finally got Snow White moved into her rightful digs. ;O)

She is such a wonderfully optimistic child!

6/23/2006 10:59 PM

Blogger Grammy said...

Nantie Meg posted my EXACT comment. Who is this boy and what are his intentions? Nobody messes with MY babies.

Glad you're getting in. I'll call tonight during your states of complete exhaustion. Miss you!

6/24/2006 6:56 AM

Blogger HLH said...

pictures, pictures, we want pictures of the new place.

Sorry about the yucky cupboards. I once moved into an apartment where there were painted over roaches and cat food in the cupboards.

6/24/2006 7:08 AM

Blogger No Cool Story said...

Laylee quotes are the best!
I'm glad about the fact that when our bodies get stuck back together all the food goes back into our bodies, I'd hate to know all that chocolate will never be seen again

I second the 'daring young boyfriend' call

6/24/2006 7:56 AM

Blogger bowersita said...

Great, Laylee's getting more action than I am.

Congrats on the move.

6/24/2006 1:26 PM

Blogger bon said...

WhoopYeah! We are figuring out the dying and ressurecting thing over here too!

My vote is for the virtual tour too!

6/24/2006 6:24 PM

Blogger Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

what a hoot! got to love children's theology!

6/25/2006 1:00 AM

Blogger smartmama said...

Yeehaw for the cupboards

6/25/2006 7:16 PM

Anonymous Caryn said...

How sweet and funny. I love children's takes on religion, philosophy and physics. And that's great news about the cupboards, too.

6/25/2006 8:37 PM


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