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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Doom, Sleepy Teeth and the Careening Psychobot

rides2Everywhere we go, Laylee begs for “more doom please.” Sadly, she’s not tall enough to experience anything but the most juvenile form of doom. At the Houston Aquarium they have a miniature Drop of Doom with some pansy name like “The Magic Lighthouse” or something else equally inane. Luckily the girl can’t read so I introduced it to her as “The Drop of Doom” and to the protestations of Dan and Grammy I took her for a ride.

Why they would be concerned about her dropping in 2 story freefall repeatedly, I’ll never know. She almost didn’t have a meltdown on the seahorse merry-go-round so I thought she was certainly ready to try out something a little more adventurous. As per usual, I was correct.

Her commentary as we rode the ride one billion times consisted of 2 phrases repeated over and over again. “Hold tight to me Mommy” and “Again Please.”

Now everywhere we go, she’s on the lookout. “More doom PLEASE!” I’ll see what I can conjure up for you, sweet pea.

Due to the fact that Grammy and Papa are much smarter than Mom and Dad, sweet pea Laylee has developed some added creativity in her parental manipulation techniques.

After over an hour of swimming:
Papa: Okay kiddo, I think it’s time to get out.
Laylee: I don’t think so.
Papa: Oh really? Come on.
Laylee: No, my clock says it’s not time to get out.
Papa: You don’t have a clock.
Laylee: Yes I do.
Papa: Where is it?
Laylee: It’s right here. (pointing to a wet spot on the pool deck)
Papa: Oh really, and what does it say?
Laylee: It says it’s not time to get out yet.

Then last night at dinner, Laylee informed us that she needed to spit out the green bean in her mouth because her teeth were too tired to chew it. “My teeth are SO sleepy.” Yah-huh? Well, my uvula’s practically been in a coma for 3 weeks now and you don’t see me complaining. Chew the darn green bean.

Being out here in the Bible belt, Magoo’s picked up some added religiosity. Since we’ve been in Texas with Grammy and Papa, he’s not only learned to fold his arms for prayer but he has also been healed. Yes folks, he who was lame can now walk, or at least careen around like a flailing psychobot.

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Blogger Tess said...

is he getting the hiccups? he is adorable!

6/13/2006 8:37 PM

Anonymous shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Ummm...your UVULA? I don't even know what that is, and I'm not sure I want too...

6/13/2006 8:40 PM

Blogger sarah said...

Shannon: I was dying, so I HAD to look it up uvula: "A small, conical, fleshy mass of tissue suspended from the center of the soft palate." So now you know.

And Magoo - oh my goodness, he is so cute. He looks extremely proud of himself, as he should be.

6/13/2006 9:08 PM

Blogger The Daring One said...

I grew up calling the UVULA the "hangy-down-thing." It's the thing that wiggles in the back of the mouths of screaming cartoon characters.

6/13/2006 9:20 PM

Blogger bowersita said...

Since you've been in TX all this time, your picture on the blog needs to have much bigger hair and/or cowboy hat. Oh and let's not forget a mum. Congrats to Magoo on the walking.

6/13/2006 9:28 PM

Blogger Margaret said...

Yeah, uvula. And it's been in a COMA?! Poor thing! It must be tough - how do you...do whatever it is that the uvula helps you do, when your uvula is in a coma?! Yeah, that's GOTTA be tough.

6/13/2006 9:54 PM

Blogger Heather said...

HILARIOUS!!! I've never heard of comatos uvula before. I hope it doesn't bug you too much. Magoo looks just adorable. I love the way kids look when they are just learning to walk.

6/13/2006 10:12 PM

Blogger elliespen said...

Hey, I think we could all use a bit more doom in our lives. I certainly could. My days at the office would be much more interesting and I could come home and tell Shallow Man, "Man, it was just one heaping of doom after another..." Wait, that's kind of what I do anyway... Okay, so we need more FUN doom in our lives.

The psychobot is ridiculously cute. You know that, don't you? Too much fun.

When I was little I thought the uvula was actually my tonsils, so when I had my tonsils taken out and it was still there I thought at first that the doctor did it wrong and I'd have to go back to the hospital... Crazy uvula. Nothing but a load of troubles.

6/13/2006 10:28 PM

Blogger Valarie said...

I'm impressed with the psychobot's ability to stand up in the middle of a room. Maybe we should have taken our boy down south for some healin' because he didn't get figure that out until many months after he started walking.

6/13/2006 10:51 PM

Blogger Nantie Meg said...

Who said he could get so old?!?!? It's not fair, I'm not even there to witness it!!

Love you all, and I am so jealous that you are all there playing together!!

6/13/2006 11:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magoo is soooo cute! And Laylee??? You've definitely got your hands full! :)

6/14/2006 6:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you are such a funny person! Ha! I thought uvula was a female organ type thingy that I never heard of! Ha! I'm glad I was wrong! he he! I hope it wakes up soon! Mine's dead! Too much screaming I guess! You're baby is soo cute! That smile brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of my little guy and how fast he's growing! Have fun on the vacation!

6/14/2006 7:27 AM

Blogger Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

LOL... "My Uvula's In a Coma" is the next new title of my blog.

6/14/2006 8:00 AM

Blogger Karen said...

I LOVE IT! Especially how he instantly gets up to do it again when he falls. What a cutie pie.

6/14/2006 8:21 AM

Blogger Stephanie said...

That is awesome.

6/14/2006 8:25 AM

Blogger Keltybug said...

Magoo is to cute. Thank goodness for biology last semester I actually knew what uvula was!!

6/14/2006 8:36 AM

Blogger a suburban housewife said...

Kathryn, couldn't you just eat him? Magoo, I mean? He is so utterly cute.

6/14/2006 8:44 AM

Blogger Kristen said...

Oh, Laylee is so priceless!! She and Care Bear would get along famously. Last summer we went to our local amusement park and the kiddie land had a miniature tower of doom also. I think Care Bear must've ridden it at least a dozen times.

6/14/2006 8:54 AM

Blogger Jeana said...

You know you were wondering at what point you will have to stop being daring YOUNG mom...Your next acronym could be Daring Ornery Old Mom. People everywhere will be saying, "I NEED MORE DOOM!!"

6/14/2006 9:57 AM

Blogger Jeana said...

Oh, and the uvula? Little Punching Bag.

6/14/2006 9:59 AM

Anonymous californiazenmom said...

Awesome video!! And the best part for me is...it brings back AWESOME memories of MY 2nd child careening around...in the exact same outfit! :-)

6/14/2006 10:12 AM

Anonymous krista said...

Ok, that was cute, but I have to say, don't you miss the hilarious crawling?

Oh god how I loved that video clip. I'm going to route through your archives now to watch it again.

6/14/2006 1:46 PM

Anonymous krista said...

Ok, that was cute, but I have to say, don't you miss the hilarious crawling?

Oh god how I loved that video clip. I'm going to route through your archives now to watch it again.

6/14/2006 1:46 PM

Blogger emlouisa said...

Uvula? Hilarious. I was very scared to find out what that was. Glad I was incorrect in assuming it was part of the female netheregions.

And Magoo? Adorable. I love how he just keeps on trying. He's no quitter!

6/14/2006 1:59 PM

Blogger Gabriela said...

My hat's off to you for getting on that ride with Laylee. Grammy and I stood safely on the ground watching my three go up and down for what seemed like several hours. I would have so lost my cookies. You go girl!

Uvula does sound a little naughty doesn't it? Luckily, I had anatomy in college so I knew just what you were talking about!

6/14/2006 2:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh hes so cute! It cracked me up to watch the video. Its like his little legs can't go as fast as he wants to go! I can't wait until my little one learns how to walk! What great timing too, so the grandparents could see...congrats!

6/14/2006 5:04 PM

Blogger smartmama said...

i am all for more doom! i totally have that same clock as laylee

6/14/2006 5:20 PM

Blogger bon said...

The walking and staggering and hilarity of the boy! and clocks, La!

6/14/2006 8:55 PM

Blogger HLH said...

oh seriously, my chidren would love to have you for a mom. I would NEVER take my kids on that ride. Dh drug me on the real grown-up version once and I started to hyperventalate and had to remind myself to breath the whole ride. I am SUCH a chicken!

6/14/2006 9:52 PM

Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I stumbled onto your site through Lauren at Created for HIS glory; it's past midnight and I have a newborn and can't stop to read anymore right now, but I HAVE to come back tomorrow (um, actually today). I love what I've read so far!! Great writing:)

6/14/2006 10:28 PM

Blogger Beck said...

Hilarious! My then-6-year-old insisted upon riding the tiny country fair roller coaster last summer, and then told everyone we ran into afterwards "Mommy let me nearly DIE!"

6/15/2006 8:39 AM

Blogger Chilihead2 said...

I could eat them up! I say you, me, and Laylee all meet at MGM at DW and do The Tower of Terror a bajillion times without stopping!

6/15/2006 11:15 AM

Anonymous Shannon (Sentimental) said...

Oh girl he is so cute, I am loving those first step moments. They are so clumsy and drunk looking. Extra cute!

6/15/2006 4:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, I call it the "hangy down thing" too!

6/15/2006 6:41 PM

Blogger Grammy said...

That child is fetching ADORABLE! I'm so glad he learned to walk at our house.

6/15/2006 8:42 PM

Anonymous Caryn said...

Sleepy teeth. That's so precious. And I love how funny Magoo seems to find this walking thing. (Pssst. And for the record, I knew what an uvula was, but I read it as a completely different body part at first, one with similar letters, and I nearly died in shock at finding you mentioning it...until I realized what you had actually said. I think I need glasses.)

6/16/2006 5:34 PM

Blogger momof3busyboys said...

Daring Young Mom, I love reading your blog! I always leave your sight with a smile! You bring such humor to parenting! And your stories about Laylee and Magoo are too cute!

6/18/2006 6:47 AM

Anonymous wrigley said...

he's so adorable. huggable, squeezable. i like the smile at the end. :D

6/20/2006 8:56 PM

Anonymous Heather from One Woman's World said...

You are SOOOOO dead now that that kid can walk! :)

6/21/2006 9:10 PM

Blogger Lorraine said...

Praise Jeezuz!

6/28/2006 9:02 AM


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