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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Discussing Disney Death with Two-Year-Olds

Laylee: Where's Cinderella's mommy?
Me: She had to go away with Bambi's mommy.
Laylee: But where's her daddy?
Laylee: Oooooh, okay.

(strangely enough, Laylee likes the part of Bambi where the mom gets offed. She says, "Oh, now's when Bambi's mommy has to go away so he gets to play with his daddy cause he came home from WORK!")


Blogger blackbird said...

This post sends me back nearly 20 years.
Tiny Oldest comes and asks:
Where is Bambi's mommy?


End of story.

10/28/2005 5:00 AM

Anonymous Adam said...

Just think of how lucky you are. little-C gts to have daddy come home every day, not just when mommy gets offed like Bambi.

10/28/2005 7:08 AM

Anonymous another mom said...

Heaven may be shopping for some, but I prefer a good book and a nice little hammock strung happily over a babbling stream. Shopping is way too tiring. :)

10/28/2005 11:07 AM


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