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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dreams and Facial Hair

There are two things I’d like to share today, totally unrelated except they have had me laughing since I saw them yesterday. Whenever I think about them, I laugh and so I must share.

Isn’t that what this whole bloggin’ thing’s about? Sharing?

One is my brother’s facial hair and his wife’s amazing PhotoShopping skills. He had a little too much fun shaving off his beard a few weeks ago and this was the result:

How Does Adam Feel Today email size

Yes. I am related to this person and proud of it. I cannot stop laughing.

The second thing I’d like to share is a blog whose most recent entries killed me. I am dead. Knowing about my recent demise makes this whole blog entry all the more remarkable, I’m sure. Maybe it’s worth some money now. Weren’t all the great works by artists worth more after their creators kicked the bucket? Please send money.

I’ve been reading Goslyn’s blog Wishful Thinking off and on for a while now. She’s a great writer and very funny. What caught my eye yesterday was an entry about her own writing, making comparisons to my nemesis Ernest Hemingway and an entry about some dreams she’s had about me lately. Just mentioning the entries makes me laugh out loud. Please go read her if you’ve ever read much Hemingway or if you want to know about my psychotic dream infiltrating skills.


Blogger Jeana said...

That is hysterical. AND I love The Scarlet Pimpernel! Never met anyone else who had even heard of it.

3/30/2006 3:49 AM

Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

Ummm... that is just a little bit disturbing- but funny!

3/30/2006 4:33 AM

Anonymous surcie said...

Zee French one ees mah favo-reet!

3/30/2006 4:58 AM

Anonymous Adam said...

Wow look! I'm Famous...and crazy!!

My favorites are the dangerous and intrigued ones. My wifes camera and photoshop skills really bring out my fictional bad-boy in them.


3/30/2006 6:50 AM

Blogger Goslyn said...

Love the pictures. So funny.

And I'm glad I made you laugh. Thanks for the link.

3/30/2006 7:52 AM

Blogger Heth said...

My favorite is "Likes to invade Poland". Those pics are hilarious.

Goslyn is wonderful. I heart her.

3/30/2006 8:08 AM

Blogger Gabriela said...

My favorite is "intrigued".

3/30/2006 9:00 AM

Blogger Liz said...

concerned and hungry look vaguely similar

your family is awesome!

3/30/2006 10:00 AM

Anonymous Amber said...

Toooooo funny! The only thing funner would've been if he did it with his hair. I mean, from mullet to mohawk; what could be better?

3/30/2006 12:07 PM

Anonymous Adam said...

Sadly I have not ever had sufficient hair on the top of my head to perform such an exeriment...but you've got me thinking...

3/30/2006 12:42 PM

Anonymous Lou said...

very, very funny! I love 'like Invading Poland" and "like a pimpernel!"


3/30/2006 12:57 PM

Blogger Cheerio's on my butt? said...

That is soo funny! I love those pictures! Gotta get me some software like that!

3/30/2006 2:12 PM

Blogger Bobita said...

They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell? That damned, illusive...pimpernel! (How'd I do? I can even do the accent...)

Very, very, very funny brother you have there!

3/30/2006 7:00 PM

Blogger Grammy said...

That's my boy! And oh, how I love him. Never bored, I tell you. Never ever bored!

3/30/2006 9:53 PM

Anonymous californiazenmom said...

You see, I understand this.

I married an ACTUAL sexy Frenchman.

13 years ago. Almost 14.

He, too, likes to play facial hair games.

And I love Ernest.

I was born middle-name deprived, so I wanted my middle name to be Brett.

It's all coming together now. The bullfights. The (virgin) tequila. France. The sound of the richocheting bullets faded. Brett lay down to sleep (except that her children are still awake, so I guess not).

3/31/2006 10:15 AM

Anonymous Caryn said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. Your brother seems like a great guy, and it's great that his wife apparently appreciates his sense of humor.

3/31/2006 2:14 PM

Anonymous JYukaR said...

very funny.

4/04/2006 3:18 PM


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