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Monday, July 17, 2006

It's About Time - Seattle Area Bloggers' Playdate

If you live in or around the Seattle area or feel like making the trek up here, Karli and I are planning a blogging meet-and-greet/playdate for this Thursday morning at an undisclosed location. We've already met some of you, but who couldn't do with a few more internet girlfriends?

Come and find out if I actually have a body attached to that floating head and if Karli ever wears shoes. If you're interested, email me and I will send you the details.

We'll be planning a moms-only dinner for later on in the year so stay tuned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Illinois (((whaaaaaaa!!!))) that's me crying because I'll never meet thedaringone!!!

7/17/2006 2:20 PM

Anonymous shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Sure, I'll see you there! *grin* Just kidding, it's a bit of a drive from Oklahoma, but I want to meet you enough to do it...

7/17/2006 2:59 PM

Anonymous Queen Beth said...

Dang and double Dang! I was coming too and now I can't and now I'm even more mad I can't come!!!!

7/17/2006 3:45 PM

Blogger Tammy said...

Oooohhh...you are a temptin' me but with the price of gas, I just can't do it right now, not to mention Thursday's out of the question. But who knows...that dinner date might be a possibility! I'll stay tuned for info on that...afterall- I'm only 3 hours away!

7/17/2006 4:48 PM

Blogger jessica said...

You Pac NW gals have all the fun! What do we have down in TX? Just heat and big bugs.

Let me know if you plan on visiting your parents again anytime soon because if so, I'm totally there!!

7/17/2006 6:07 PM

Blogger utmommy said...

Have fun. I keep missing all the SLC play dates. Maybe one of these days, I'll actually make one.

7/17/2006 7:30 PM

Anonymous surcie said...

Man! That sounds like fun.

7/17/2006 7:34 PM

Blogger Amy A. said...

I'll be in Seattle on the 9th and 10th, maybe a little before or after. Hope you can do another get together then! I'd love to meet Karli, too. I'll email when I get to town to see if it works out. Fun!

7/17/2006 9:28 PM

Blogger sarah said...

Awwwwww, I wanna come!!! We'll be in Sea/Tac area for Christmas, so maybe if there's a get together then....

7/17/2006 9:54 PM

Anonymous Heidi said...

Wouldn't you know it? I'm headed in your direction, but won't be there until early next week.

7/18/2006 7:09 AM

Blogger Mel said...

Not enough notice! I was just gallivanting around in Seattle today, too!

Thursday will find us at the ocean, if all goes well.


7/18/2006 9:53 PM


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